Absolutely, you can rent the Baby Carpet and the Junior Carpet for one day. The other Carpets are too big to install in one day.

No, it’s not. The Carpet is easily cleaned with a good brush and liquid soap. Of course we appreciate it if you return the Carpet nice, clean, and not sticky.

Kids love the Flying Grass Carpet. They always invent all sorts of games, like colour tag. We have also specially designed play rolls. Kids will have an endless good time with them.


This depends on its size. The Baby Carpet and the Junior Carpet can be rolled out in a hour or two. The Medium Carpet Carpet and the Original Carpet take about two to three days to install.

Yes, in the past years we had a lot of performances. From dance, music, circus-acts, slam-poetry and football.

This depends on its size and how comfortable feel being close to each other. For The Flying there are no limitations.


Yes, it’s possible for everyone to cross The Flying Grass Carpet. It has a smooth surface which is easy to cross.

The Flying Grass Carpet is punctured with tiny holes. Rainwater will simply go through it and disappear in the soil underneath.

The Flying Grass Carpet are for rent from a relatively short period, like a week, to a very long period, a couple of years. Anything in between is possible. But it also possible to buy one and get a customized Flying Grass Carpet especially for your city.


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