Thursday the 18th Of September

Flying grass carpet Rotterdam


The Flying Grass Carpet has won the Dutch Audi Design Award. Many thanks to all of you who have voted for us.


Davetiye, Istanbul Besiktas

Şehir ortasında piknik yapacak, oyun oynayacak yeşil alan bulamıyor musunuz? Ailenizi arkadaşlarınızı da alın, çim halıda muhteşem eğlenceyi kaçırmayın.

The Flying Grass Carpet/Uçan Çim Halı. Uçan Çim Halı ülkeler arası dolaşan, dinlenme ve eĝlenmeye evrensel boyuta taşıyan park alanıdır. Şehir ortasında piknik yapacak, oyun oynayacak yeşil alan bulamıyor musunuz? Ailenizi arkadaşlarınızı da alın, çim halıda muhteşem eğlenceyi kaçırmayın. Uçan Çim Halı’nın ğorünüşü Iran (Fars) halısına benzer ve yapılışında çeşitli suni çim kulanılmıştır. Uçan Çim Halı diğer 2010 kültür şehirleri Essen (Almanya)ve Pecs (Macaristan) den sonra şimdi Istanbul’a konuyor. 17 Eylül ve 28 Ekim arasinda Beşiktaş’a Barbaros Parka bekliyoruz!

Essen, Conny Janssen Danst

Essen, 4 July Germany
Sunday the 4th the famous Conny Janssen Danst from Rotterdam gave a marvelous dance performance on the carpet.

Conny Janssen Danst

Shanghai 2010

In September 2010 our Baby Carpet will go to Shanghai and it will participate in an exhibition with the Dutch Design Award winners at the Shanghai Creative Industries Week.


Rolling out the Carpet in Pécs a lot of fun.



Gogbot festival 2012

The Baby Carpet

We are very proud that The Baby Carpet is travelling on the Gogbot roadtour! Come and enjoy from August 30th - September 8th.

rotte med02

The Flying Grass Carpet

It was great to be at the Shenzhen Hong Kong Biennale!
From January 7th - February 10th.

SZHK Biennale

Istanbul Capital of Culture 2010


Besiktas Barbaros Park, Istanbul: Opening on September 20.

Besiktas Barbaros Park

17 September- 28 October 2010

Hop on board the Flying Grass Carpet and join it in its quest for adventure and urban leisure.Studio ID Eddy and HUNK-design have designed the Flying Grass Carpet; it’s an instant park that can be unfolded in any city. This way bringing a unique experience of fun and relaxation that can be shared worldwide. Next European Capitals of Culturel.
The Flying Grass Carpet is designed to look like an immense Persian rug with its pattern executed in different types of artificial grass, giving it a typical look and touch. The design consists of different parts that can be adjusted to any location. The size of the Flying Grass Carpet can be altered from 18 by 22 meters to 25 by 36 meters.

  When landed in a city the Flying Grass Carpet is ideal for all kinds of events. As with ordinary parks, people can lie down on the grass or play ball with their friends. But its attractive appearance is also perfect for special events. It’s an excellent spot to have a Frisbee tournament, a city picnic and all sorts of contests and performances.

The Flying Grass Carpet delivers a beautiful alternative for city dwellers to enjoy the city. It brings instant cosiness and a green leisure feeling to any city where it lands. The combination of green, beauty and activity makes the Flying Grass Carpet irresistible!

Spectacular opening of the Carpet in Essen

click here to see video at WDR

flyinggrass carpet in Essen

The Flying Grass Carpet in Pécs

The Flying Grass Carpet was in Pécs (Hungary), as official program of the European Capital of Culture 2010, 21 May – 10 June.


ist program

On Sept 17: Big opening of The Flying Grass Carpet in Istanbul; at Besiktas Barbaros Park

Creative Streets Program:
September 17: Grand opening
Circus and Acrobatics Activities

September 18:
Circus and Acrobatics Activities
Marianna Maieru and Pera Flamenco Dance Show

September 19:
Circus and Acrobatics Activities

September 20:
Circus and Acrobatics Activities

September 21:
Circus an Acrobatics activities
"Flashmob - Song Epedemic" Performance

September 22:
Circus and acrobatics Activities
"Flashmob - Postcard" Performance

September 23: Zita Herman Seminar: Circus Education in Europe
Circus an Acrobatics activities
Break Dance Jam Session

September 24:
Circus an Acrobatics activities
Circus Cabaret
Trixx Duo - Juggling show
Magma Fire theatre

September 25:
Circus an Acrobatics activities
Body Percussion Performance
DJ Capuzzi an Senorita X - a Show made of love
Company CirkuSzinhaz - circus theatre show
Magma Firetheatre

September 26:
Circus and Acrobatics Activities
"Flashmob - Slow Motion" Performance
DJ Capuzzi an Senorita X - a Show made of love
Trixx Duo - Juggling show
Company CirkuSzinhaz - circus theatre show
Kabile Alternative Dance Group - Fireshow

October 3: Rotterdam Day, with a wonderful picnic performance by BLISS

October 16: Jochen Leuf and the Beat Cooperation (D)
Nu Park (TR)


Istanbul (T) Besiktas, Barbaros Park