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Have a look at the article on The Flying Grass Carpet by place-making expert PPS.

Pop Up City Book

After the success of the blog ( is now the book: Pop-up city. Both are about the influence of spontaneous, temporary citizen initiatives planned city. The book makes an important argument for an urban planning that sufficient flexibility is built in so there is enough space for innovative and temporary user activity. The book contains over a hundred examples ranging from fun ideas to interesting projects that the urban landscape have changed. This makes the book a nice snapshot of this flow in the urban playground. The Flying Grass Carpet has been published in world’s most important pop-up book. Check it out!

Dutch Design Award

The Flying Grass Carpet has won the Dutch Audi Design Award. Many thanks to all of you who have voted for us.

Google Maps

The Flying Grass Carpet on Google maps.

Baby Carpet Korte Hoogstraat 2016 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Essen, Conny Janssen Danst 4 July 2010 Germany

Sunday the 4th the famous Conny Janssen Danst from Rotterdam gave a marvelous dance performance on the Carpet.

Willy Brandt Platz, Essen

Baby Carpet in Shanghai, 2010

In September 2010 our Baby Carpet will go to Shanghai and it will participate in an exhibition with the Dutch Design Award winners at the Shanghai Creative Industries Week.

2010 in Pecs

Rolling out the Carpet in Pécs is a lot of fun.

The New Original Carpet in Trier, Germany

The New Original Carpet in Trier, Germany

The culture caravan invited the Flying Grass Carpet to stay at the Viehmarktplatz in Trier, Germany.  During its 10 days stay, there was a vibrant bunch of activities. From music, poetry slams to Karl Marx wine tasting.


The Junior Carpet is at the Fairy Tale Festival

Flying Grass Carpet

Nice sunny weather, lots of activities for the kids and a mix of cultures. The Junoir Carpet had a great time at the sidelinge Park in Overschie.


The new Original Flying Grass Carpet
is now in Berlin

flying grass carpet berlin

A brand new original Flying Grass Carpet has arrived in front of the Dutch embassy.
It will stay here till the end of the Make City festival.

New, The Giant Flying Grass Carpet
And it is now in Rotterdam

A whole new Carpet has arrived at the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam, The Giant. With this new Carpet the square has become the world’s largest pop up park.

Official opening August 23rd 3-7pm
by alderman Joost Eerdmans, followed by beautiful music performances by pianist Claudia Cassier and salsaband Zulemax.
For the children there will be all sort of fun things to do.


Grotekerkplein, Rotterdam

The Flying Grass Carpet came to Grotekerkplein last summer. On the 22st of may, Stadspodium Rotterdam started with a variety of activities for the square, dancing, live music and relaxation. The program for the square went on until the first week of October and was free for the people to explore.


Vertigo festival, Almere

A perfect new spot for The Flying Grass Carpet, in front of the beautiful Theatre by SANAA and with a nice view over the water. The Carpet has landed on the Esplanade in Almere as part of the Vertigo Festival.


Rotterdam- A floating Baby Grass Carpet

June 28- August 20 /2015

The Baby Grass Carpet is a beautiful green garden-carpet that flies from one location to another. On 28th of June it is going to be floating at the Maritime Museum during the event Zomerfeest. You can relax on the Baby Grass Carpet all summer until the 20th of August. You are welcome to enjoy the sun and the activities on this artwork. Are you coming?


Rotterdam Grotekerkplein

April 1- June 30 /2015

The world´s largest travelling art-piece is back in Rotterdam after seven years of travels and adventures! From the 2nd of April till the 30th of June The Flying Grass Carpet will green up the Grotekerkplein in Rotterdam.
We invite you for a fantastic opening with a BLISSful picnic, a spectacular dance performance by Conny Janssen Danst, Circus Rotjeknor for children’s activities and some cheerful music by DJ Meneer Jansen.

Each destination is special for us, but rolling out The Flying Grass Carpet in Rotterdam is just a bit extra special. We conceptualized and developed this project and Rotterdam was in 2008 one of the first cities where we rolled out The Flying Grass Carpet. It feels great that our Carpet is, after 7 years of travels and more than 20 destinations, back in our hometown. Feel free to enjoy, meet, play and celebrate with us.


Better by design CNN 2014

In 2014 the Flying Grass Carpet was awarded as one of the ten best designs by CNN.


Shenzhen, China 2012

January 7th – Februari 10th 2012

It was great to be at the Shenzhen Hong Kong, bi-city biennale for urban design and architecture.


Istanbul Capital of Culture 2010

Besiktas Barbaros Park, Istanbul: Opening on
September 20. 17 September- 28 October 2010

Hop on board the Flying Grass Carpet and join it in its quest for adventure and urban leisure.Studio ID Eddy and HUNK-design have designed the Flying Grass Carpet; it’s an instant park that can be unfolded in any city. This way bringing a unique experience of fun and relaxation that can be shared worldwide. Next European Capitals of Culturel.
The Flying Grass Carpet is designed to look like an immense Persian rug with its pattern executed in different types of artificial grass, giving it a typical look and touch. The design consists of different parts that can be adjusted to any location. The size of the Flying Grass Carpet can be altered from 18 by 22 meters to 25 by 36 meters.

When landed in a city the Flying Grass Carpet is ideal for all kinds of events. As with ordinary parks, people can lie down on the grass or play ball with their friends. But its attractive appearance is also perfect for special events. It’s an excellent spot to have a Frisbee tournament, a city picnic and all sorts of contests and performances.

The Flying Grass Carpet delivers a beautiful alternative for city dwellers to enjoy the city. It brings instant cosiness and a green leisure feeling to any city where it lands. The combination of green, beauty and activity makes the Flying Grass Carpet irresistible!

Flying Grass Carpet

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